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Arthur Woodgate awoodgate at austin.rr.com
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Thanks, Karen.

The website is at www.bulldogreporter.com 

Some of the content is for members only, but it does have a lot of good


Arthur ~

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Good morning,

We've recently had quite a bit of dialog on this list regarding "marketing &
branding" and thought I would share the following email address with you to
enhance some of our discussions.  This email will lead you to a site whereby
a multitude of subjects are discussed from strategic planning, what works
for some companies/organizations, brand respect (which my current
communication addresses), crisis management, to seminars/workshops and so
much more.  You might be surprised at this site and what it has to offer, if
so inclined, please check it out!

bulldog at bulldogreporter.com

Karen L. Copenhaver, Lt Col, CAP
Deputy Director, Public Affairs

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