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Fellow PAOs,

The following message is forwarded upon request by our region vice commander.  As you know, funding for CAP, our missions and projects are more limited than ever before.  It is sincerely appreciated if you can share this information with members of your wing, ask for their support so we can continue to honor our veterans.

Kind regards,

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Subject: MER-STAFF: Wreaths Across America

MER Staff Members,
I am requesting your assistance with the Wreaths Across America program within Middle East Region, and for help in funding some of our region cadet activities.  As many of you know, I spent two years as CAP's National Project Officer for Wreaths Across America.  The wreath sponsorships we obtain provide a payment back to each unit of $5.00 per wreath on a $15.00 sponsorship.

Many of you own businesses or are in positions where you work directly with clients and or vendors of your employer.  I am asking you to donate some time at home and/or work to mail a donation request to other business owners you know or the vendors/clients you work with on a regular basis. These may be people you know through networking groups, your local chamber of commerce, etc.  The attached letter is a sample that you can use.  You need only put your mailing address into the letterhead block  so the recipient has your return address in which to send the check and the attached donation form.  If you can do a follow up phone call or in person visit about a week after you mail the letter, that will increase the chances of us receiving a donation.  ALL CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO "WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA".

I urge you to deliver the letter in person or send via mail.  Please do not E-mail the donation request. It is not difficult to do.  I raised the subject at a networking group on Wednesday and before I left the meeting I had a check in hand from one of those present for $105, which will net the region cadet program $35.  Not counting my initial time to create the letter, I was able to prepare 35 donation requests today and get them out in the mail  If each of us can send these requests to people who know, like and trust you, there is no reason why we should not be able to raise $2000 to $3000 for cadet activities within the region for FY 2014.

When you receive a donation, please transfer the appropriate information to the Tally Sheet (attached) and then scan both the Tally Sheet and the check(s) as a PDF document and forward to Lt. Col. Griffin via e-mail so she can track the payments that are due from WAA.  Our Fund Raising Group Number is MDCAPMER1.  The cemetery I signed us up to support is Arlington National Cemetery which is coded as ARLING.  Without this information on the Tally Sheet, WAA will not be able to identify us as the group that should receive the $5 per wreath. These payments will go directly to Lt. Col. Griffin as our region finance officer.  If a donor wishes to donate via credit card, they will need to contact WAA via phone and use our Group and Cemetery identifiers.  If not identified, the wreaths will go to Arlington, but WAA will keep all of the funds.

You must then mail the Tally Sheet and Check(s) to Wreaths Across America at  PO Box 249, Columbia Falls, ME.  04623. Lastly, please complete a donation receipt (also attached) and mail it back to the donor with a thank you note for their support (yes you will need to hand-write a short 1 paragraph note).  If you have some note cards at home this is the easiest way.

Also, please do not forward these instructions to any wings or local units.  While I would not complain if they used our ID number, their units would lose out on the funds for their local use.  If a local unit wishes to participate, but has not signed up with WAA, they can go to the WAA website www.WreathsAcrossAmerica.org and submit their request for a group ID.  They also need to obtain permission from their wing commander prior to soliciting any donations and the wing will probably have a different address and instructions on how to handle the payments from WAA. You may also learn more about the WAA programs by going to this website.

Thank you for your assistance on this and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.

Best Regards,
Col. Rick Moseley, CAP
MER Vice Commander


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