[CAP-PAO] Region Public Affairs Plans

Bruce Kipp paa.sdwg at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 12:10:19 CDT 2013

On 18 May I was appointed as Director of Public Affairs for the North
Central Region.

Unfortunately, the NCR hasn't had a Dir/PA for quite some time so there are
no files or records and I have to reinvent the wheel. One of the things I
need to do fairly soon is write the Region Public Affairs Plan, the Region
Public Affairs Objectives and the Region Crisis Communications Plan. As
I've never operated at region level before I really could use your help.
Would some of you at the region level please either send me, or provide me
a link to your three documents so I can see that type of things are

Thanks in advance,

*Bruce Kipp, Major, CAP*
*Director of Public Affairs, North Central Region
*NCR Email: pao at ncr.cap.gov   *
*Assistant Public Affairs Officer, **South Dakota Wing*
*SD Wing E**mail*: *paa.sdwg at gmail.com       *
*Phone: 605-261-4507*
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