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I do agree with you that certain subsections may be appropriate to have
their own "branding" of sorts and communication strategy. And safety is
definitely one of those. However, their branding should still fit within an
overall CAP branding strategy. At the very least using the CAP logo with
their specific logo in a less prominent placement. The same style should be
the same across the board. And if a sub-organization has a need to be
"separate" then there should be reasons outlined in some sort of
communication strategy.

Using safety as an example, let's look at how one gets the newsletter that
the office produces. For me personally, I sometimes get it through email
from a region email list, sometimes from the wing safety director, and
sometimes forwarded from some other sources like a post on Facebook or a
tweet. There is no consistency, and I don't know where to go to sign-up to
get that information automatically sent. Are there any metrics in place to
verify that this information is getting to the people who need it or want
it? Some fixes could be automatic email based on duty position or a
check-box in eServices that allows someone to sign-up for that news. There
are many options, but without some sort of branding/marketing plan for all
types of communication, information will continue to be fragmented and not
reach the people who need it in a consistent way.



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On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 7:28 PM, Michael Marek <michael at themareks.com>

> Paul,
> I generally agree with what you are saying in the section I have quoted
> below, but in Integrated Marketing and Brand communications, it can be
> appropriate for subsections of an organization, or separate "products" to
> have their own logos and even slogans, usually being segmented by being
> aimed at different audiences.
> This is true because in brand communication "one size does not fit all"
> and it is often appropriate to "tell the story"in different ways for
> different audiences.  But.....
> When this is done, it still must reflect the overall organizational brand
> promise and positioning.  So the foundation of the brand promise is the
> same but we present it and "tell the story" differently for different
> audiences.
> The example that I give in class when I teach IMC is that for university
> marketing, the high school juniors and seniors don't have the same
> questions about the school as their parents do, or that alumni do.  We need
> to give each group the information most focused to their interests, because
> if we send them information they are NOT interested in, they may tune us
> out.  This MAY mean different logos, slogans, etc, as long as they are
> consistent with the overarching brand promise and positioning.
> -Michael-
> On 6/30/2014 3:57 PM, Lt Col Paul Cianciolo wrote:
>  /I think the marketing focus needs to be on CAP as a single brand./ If
>> you are going to spend money, then assisting the wings with specific
>> projects would be useful, e.g., creating a national video promo to be
>> used on YouTube, converting wing artwork to vector graphics, or
>> assisting with creating a promotional commercial specific to the local
>> audience. Here are 4 areas that make it near impossible for CAP to be a
>> single, recognized brand, and here is how I think it can be fixed.
>> *1. Prohibit the "branding" of CAP functional areas.*
>> An example of this is the safety directorate
>> <http://www.capmembers.com/safety/> (not sure what to call it, which is
>> part of the problem) at NHQ. The /Safety Beacon/
>> <http://www.capmembers.com/media/cms/Safety_Beacon_June_
>> 2014_20CD6B78A00B3.pdf>
>> is sent out around the Web to members and non-members alike. It doesn't
>> even have the Civil Air Patrol logo or seal on the front page or
>> anywhere in the "official" newsletter! /How can anything official not be
>> branded like this?/ There are more functional area newsletters floating
>> around than I can even count.
>> "CAP Safety" also has it's own social media presence on Facebook
>> <https://www.facebook.com/CivilAirPatrolSafety/info>. Looking in from
>> the outside, it looks like it's a separate organization -- equipped with
>> its own slogan, logo, and mission. /Is this the message CAP -- as a
>> brand -- wants to portray?/
>>  From another perspective, this same principle applies to national
>> activities, encampments, and events. /Does every activity and program
>> really need it's own logo and slogan?/ This type of leadership leads to
>> clicks, which in-turn leads to hurt feelings and resentment when someone
>> who created the "program" is removed or it needs to be shut down for
>> budgetary reasons. Leadership decisions are based on the individuals
>> involved and not the overall mission of CAP.
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