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Thanks for sharing. That's a great new feature for LinkedIn. The basis for
it is creating a "company" page so people can be connected. CAP has an
"unofficial" (to my knowledge page at
http://www.linkedin.com/company/civil-air-patrol. This means that when CAP
volunteers or employees enter their service with CAP, the company page for
CAP will automatically link to their personal LinkedIn profiles.

The question is how many people link to the Civil Air Patrol page versus a
page that may or may not be there for a wing or even a squadron. How many
members on this group use LinkedIn and mention "Civil Air Patrol" in their
experience? Does anyone mention a unit as the company rather than CAP?

If the majority of members here just show the Civil Air Patrol page
personally, then it may be a good policy to get rid of all the unit pages
that are not technically the company. The admin/owner of a company page can
list, for example, each wing as a "product" to put them on the map.



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> Greetings,
> This looks like a potential recruiting opportunity for Civil Air Patrol.
> http://volunteer.linkedin.com/
> http://nonprofit.linkedin.com/
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