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Karen Copenhaver karenc at smyth.net
Tue Jun 25 10:56:30 CDT 2013

ALCON:  Yesterday I inadvertently forwarded some information created by our MER Vice Commander regarding soliciting donations for Wreaths Across America.  Even though it was inadvertent, I have received requests to use this information, and subsequently I asked Col Moseley if he would grant permission.  His response is below.  In addition to his remarks, I would like to add that we all recognize it's not feasible for us to follow up in person in some situations, but a phone call would be something to consider.   I would like to suggest that if you do use this to solicit donations, that you create a contact list, with a personal name (if possible) and phone number so you can follow-up as well as track the donations.  You should personalize your letters, and use your unit / wing letterhead.  

Karen ~
Karen L. Copenhaver, Lt Col, CAP
Deputy Director, Public Affairs

Lt Col. Copenhaver,
I have no problem if others in CAP want to use my letter as a model, as long as they keep it within the guidelines specified in CAP Regulations for a CAP Business letter and they have permission from their wing commander to use the letter to solicit donations for WAA as required in CAPR 173-3.  I should also point out that it is essential when using direct mail donation requests that the member needs to then follow up in person with the addressee and should probably be carrying a blank donation form when they make the follow up call.  

Hope this helps.

Col. Rick Moseley, CAP
MER Vice Commander
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